My Muskego Serves Project

It's more than a Lakepoint Church thing - we want to get all of Muskego and the surrounding suburbs serving!


You can be one of the leaders that creates a poject for others to join.  Here are some guidlines:

  1. Is it invitable?  Make it something that your friends can join in on, and then invite them. 
  2. Is it relational?  No doubt the world needs supply drives and collections, but the unique emphasis of Muskego Serves is on people and presence.
  3. Is it continuable?  Ideally, your one-time project will open the interest in long-time serving.   
  4. Grants are available as Lakepoint Church loves investing in great outreach.  
  5. If you don't know where to start, we've gathered info on several organizations

If your project meets that short list of criteria, we'll help you get organized and get the word out!