The 40 Week Journey is for anyone ready to take their discipleship to the next level...

From October through June, Lakepoint Church is on a 40 week journey, that each of us would get so into our personal discipleship that we will reach and disciple at least one friend with Jesus.  

By signing digitally, you're making a commitment to what is outlined below. 

From there you can expect to receive a series of small challenges and big teachings as you'll be prepared spiritually, emotionally, and relationally until each of us as disciples can reach and make one disciple.

1. I COMMIT TO PERSONAL GROWTH learning how to be a disciple who makes disciples tracking with 40 weeks of Sunday services engaging with email extras and updates responding to small challenges along the way that will add up to one big change

2. I COMMIT TO FAMILY DISCIPLESHIP passing what I learn to the next generation sharing intentional conversations with my family consistently praying for my family and with my family as disciple makers